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We have many companies and work with large and complex projects and need to have full control when it comes to accounting.

As we have a large amount of transactions every day, we also have a great need for financial reports.

We have outsourced our entire finance and payroll department to Företagssupport because we find them to be competent, accessible and flexible.

They give us a safe feeling.

Per-Olov Rågfelt 

Owner, CEO

Interoc Group

Företagssupport is highly recommended!


They helped us when we became two partners in the company, with everything that entails, and now we now hire them on a regular basis in all our companies.


They have a very good mix of knowledge in the office, so you know that you always get a good answer to your questions very quickly.

6 out of 5 stars!

Andreas Olofsson


Marinbryggan AB

Bolletunnan AB

With fast availability and immediate presence in every contact, Företagssupport has become our obvious first choice despite a long geographical distance from our business.


We use Foretagssupport in everything from the day-to-day accounting, personnel and payroll management to company development advice in our companies.

Ulf och Charlotte Andersson


Katrinelunds Trädgård


We are proud to be part of Företagssupport's portfolio of selected customers to work with.

We at NOISY Bastards Brewing Company are a small company in an industry where needs can vary quickly and Företagssupport are always there with us.

Their way of working gives us both enormous security and inspiration to find new ways forward.

In our company, we work collaborative and so does Företagssupport .

Working with Företagssupport is the best choice we could ever have made, with their cutting-edge expertise, efficiency and fantastic energy, everything that can actually be extremely complicated is suddenly smoothly and neatly taken care of.

Thank you Birgitta and Mats together with the rest of the power gang in the office who take care of us at NOISY and all our side projects with enormous professionalism and heart.

Ayla Yavuzalp


Noisy Bastards Brewing Company


I run two companies and love my job, but find all the paperwork to be difficult and time consuming. That is why I work with Foretagssupport who has extensive knowledge in all areas.


Foretagssupport supports me with accounting, salaries and other recurring administrative tasks so I can focus my time on my companies.


I am always treated professionally and receive fast feedback on the questions I have.

Maria Asplin


Ducit Resurs AB

Student health team AB

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