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New Businesses

We have extensive experience from large and small companies in most industries. No questions are too small or too big for us.

Our pricing philosophy is simple - you should know the cost in advance.

Financial services

Our finance department is at your disposal.

We can be of service with all tasks that a finance department normally performs. This  applies to administration, accounting and finance manager positions.


With us, you use exactly the resources you need - for exactly as much time you need them!


Selection of services:

  • Accounting

  • Accounts receivable & accounts payable

  • Tax declaration

  • Financial statem

  • Contact with authorities

  • Budget & reporting

  • Liquidity planning

Business Team


& Salaries

Our payroll specialists and payroll administrators are at your disposal. With extensive experience in payroll administration and personnel issues, we can assist with tools, processes and knowledge to support company management and employees.

Selection of services:

  • Payroll administration

  • Payment
  • Tax accounting
  • Collective agreement issues
  • Personnel management
  • Occupational pension reporting
  • Contact with authorities
  • Personnel policies
  • Work environment policies


Business development

We have extensive experience in developing companies and we are available for consulting and practical support for large and small companies.

Selection of services:

  • Business plan

  • Board & ownership issues

  • Generational change

  • KPI systems & bonus models

  • Business transfers

  • Financing

  • Taxes

New Growth
Packaging Factory



We now offer support in Supply Chain and Logistics. A cost-effective and well-planned supply chain is becoming increasingly important and is a clear competitive advantage.

Some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Transport Procurement & Contracts

  • Supplier development

  • KPI & Performance analysis

  • Forecasting

  • Purchasing




Are you starting a business?

Contact us and we will help you.

We help guide you through the process and we answer your questions regarding company structure, financing and regulations.


We also help foreign entrepreneurs to establish companies in Sweden. We can provide ready-made companies, postal address and support throughout the entire process.

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